Fucking John West everybody. That’s my boy right there. Did you see that entrance? Dude doesn’t give a shit that his element of surprise is just fucked due to his Indian-like war scream. Sure he get’s pummeled right away but he jumps back up with a one-two to this fucking bear’s belly. West has a goal for quality salmon and no wannabe is going to stand in the way of that. We could all take from knowledge from this man.

But I have to say, this fuckin’ bear has some moves. You see that juke? That was some NFL shit. Fucking Favre could learn a thing or two from this video. Shit, Maybe then he wouldn’t be injured. Anyway this bear’s tiny brain prevailed when he got fooled by the good ol’ "look an eagle" play. Such a classic. Straight from the annals of tom-foolery 101. And I aced that class in second grade. Cmon bear, you gotta learn history if you ever want to do anything but lose. Such a disgrace. Not proud of you, bear.
Thanks to Branden for this!