Ok, if there’s one thing I love to do it’s drive my car, but as the previous post and this one shows, bears are getting all up in our shit. And the worst part? This fucker was drunk and shit all over the car. Doesn’t get much worse than that, does it? And it was morning? No amount of coffee would prepare me for this atrocity. Here’s what the guy had to say about it:

"I live on a ranch where there are lots of bears…there was one that learned how to open opentop door handles. It got in and the wind must have shut the door, it got into 3 other peoples cars before getting shut in mine. it drank 4 beers, ate a bottle of mallox, and crapped all over the place."

I’d love to hear that phone call to work “Uh I won’t be in today. yeah, a bear got wasted and vandalized my car and shit EVERYWHERE. You don’t believe me? This is going to cost as a sick day!? I can’t even get in my fucking car! Yes I called animal services. You know what kindly fuck yourself”. Man, this is just a clusterfuck situation. Your car gets ruined and you inevitably lose your job. Let’s hope this doesn’t become common.
[Found on Reddit via Jalopnik]