This blog isn't actually about bears in trees

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Texting while walking? You gotta have your head on a swivel! How do you not realize a two ton bear is walking your way and helicopters are flying around monitoring the situation?! I guess Darwin was right. Survival of the fittest. 

In this kid’s defense, he took off like a rocket when he saw this thing. Just made Usain Bolt look like the slowest man on earth. Probably went to the bar that night like “yeah I outran a bear today”. Good story bro, let’s see the raw video.


What is is with bears and pumpkins? Bears and sharks? Bears and women? Bears and murder? As you can see in this video, these two intrepid bear haters have captured three polar bears in a tank and are attempting to hit them with pumpkins. But the bears are just too agile and just keeping eating the pumpkins. That reporter got so fed up he tried to throw his microphone at them and then the whole studio starts making fun of him! HE WAS TRYING TO SAVE US! And that’s what he gets? Well I for one salute you, buddy